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How I Found Peace with My Body Through the Pressures of Pageantry

I found peace with my body by striving to live my life in harmony with nature.

During my years being crowned as former Miss Kohinoor International and Miss India Canada, I have been shamed about my body, from being called "too chubby" to "too skinny" while remaining the same within.

Too often, we view disease as an illness that requires prescriptions. Instead of disease as a tool for understanding ourselves inside and out. The first and foremost principle in Ayurveda is the physical body as a reflection of the individual's consciousness. Inner determines outer. Second, in priority, our internal emotions and activity. Third in importance after meditation and internal environment, is your lifestyle.

We have to be committed to our practice every day.

That means committed to Self-knowledge daily. Dedicate yourself to the Inner Yoga, Antar Yoga - union with the divine energies within ourselves. Your life unfolds in proportion to your courage. I hope to empower my students to become critical about their own lived experiences and recognize institutional discrimination, hierarchal power, and oppression.

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