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Finding Spirit Documentary Annu Gaidhu

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‘Finding Spirit’ is a thought-provoking short documentary film about mental health, communities and the triumph of human spirit. ‘Finding Spirit’ is a deeply personal, but universally relevant narrative based on the real-life of Annu Gaidhu.

Finding Spirit

The film follows a young Gaidhu, born of immigrant Indian parents, from the path of pain and uncertainty that leads her to the world of yoga and self-discovery. With insight from the rare perspectives of exiled Tibetan communities, the film explores the power of human connection and how it surpasses borders, bridges cultures, and generations. Inspired by her own journey and a thirst for knowledge of her Indian heritage, Annu travels to the East in hopes to preserve the Buddhist teachings and philosophies that teach the universal love necessary to inspire people to be a better version of themselves and consequently lead to a better world.

It is about how love transcends race, gender, language, and age. How one brief encounter can change your life. It is the first time I share my own personal struggles with mental health in hopes to inspire people to activism and show how by helping others, we ultimately help ourselves.

Annu Gaidhu

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Live simply.

Healing Hearts Project mission is to mobilize the global yoga community to empower and support charitable projects that will help provide food, shelter and other basic necessities of human life to vulnerable Tibetan refugee children from the country that gave birth to yoga.

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