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The Role Spirituality Plays in Self-care

Spirituality plays a central role in my daily self-care practices. In my opinion, a lack of spirituality is the same as a lack of faith. In other words, a lack of faith in life or a positive will to live.

Disease manifests from a lack of will to care for oneself and caring for one's physical body. Yoga channelizes the harmony between mind and body. Ayurveda helps us achieve and maintain health. They are but one unified concept, inseparable from one another.

My self-care practice begins with my striving to live my life in harmony with nature.

We are nature – not separate from, but an integral part of it all. Though it's true; we are natural beings, we often can still fall out of alignment with our natural selves. In Ayurved, the highest Rasayana treatment of inner transmutation is called Brahma Rasayana. Brahma means the expansion and refers to the unbounded development that is the creative reality of life. Through meditation, we transcend the limitation of the known, the conditioned functioning of the brain. People who understand the relationship between the individual and collective choices cannot ignore social justice, economic disparities, ecological disruption and cultural conflicts we collectively experience. I believe each of us has an opportunity to contribute to a better world through the choices we make daily via Self-knowledge.

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