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What Body Positivity means to me

Every teaching in Ayurveda begins by honouring the divine healer within; without whom the discrimination to distinguish between disease and disharmony exists when we start to take responsibility in examining our wounds first and becoming a healer within.

Ultimately the goal is to heal others around me in the same struggle for freedom in the cycle of birth and death we are living . Disease, in other words, manifests as disharmony amongst the body, as the current epidemic continues to cause conflict amongst beings at this particular moment, could be none other than a way to re-examine fundamental beliefs about spirituality in our lives.

Yoga looks at the body as a reflection of our inner state and harmony as a mirror of the universe and collective consciousness. People who don't take this view, on the other hand, usually end up abusing the body to achieve pleasures that are just momentarily fulfilling. Our bodies' natural intelligence shows us how to use our senses to guide ourselves towards developing higher awareness and consciousness. The body is a vehicle; to be regarded as a sacred ground for the Self to be realized through awareness. I he importance of inner alchemy lies in our ability to approach yoga's practice and discipline as part of a vast Vedic sciences knowledge base dating back to a civilization that has no religion, no

distinction between I, me and mine. It's a universal principle in harmony with nature and all that mother nature can be. It is important for me to stress our connection to nature as fundamental when it comes to body positivity.

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