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Annu Gaidhu

on and off the mat.

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After a successful career as former Miss India Canada, she began practicing Yoga in her early teens as a way to cope with depression and anxiety; eventually becoming Canadas youngest certified yoga teachers at the age of 17. From a young age, Annu learned that to heal and love others; we must first set it in motion for ourselves. As a South Asian Canadian woman, a daughter of immigrants and pursuer of truth, the practice of Yoga taught her about the basic fundamental rights of existence, to love and be loved through unlearning internalized oppressive behaviours via Self-knowledge and Self-awareness.

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Annu Gaidhu Yoga

I know of only one truth - through the struggle for freedom within the battle of lightness and darkness in the heart, the only goal in this life to seek spiritual liberation.

Annu Gaidhu

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